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Aston Martin has partnered with Mobil 1™ in their quest to build the world’s most extreme performance vehicles: from road to F1.


Founded in 1913, Aston Martin’s current line-up of luxury sports cars is stronger than ever. However, their latest edition, the Valkyrie, will re-set all previous benchmarks – as it’s destined to be the fastest street-legal car in the world. Given Aston Martin’s history with Mobil 1™, combined with their strong technology partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull F1 Racing – Mobil 1™ was Aston Martin’s first choice as official lubricant partner for the Valkyrie. Developed using Formula One technologies to deliver stunning looks and performance, the Valkyrie’s 6.5-litre V12 power unit is factory filled with Mobil 1™ 0W-40 from day one.

“The Aston Martin Valkyrie, designed to be the fastest and most extreme road car in the world, provides the perfect technical platform to demonstrate the capabilities of our advanced Mobil 1 engine oil,” said Kai Decker, Global Sponsorship Manager, ExxonMobil.

“We are delighted to have ExxonMobil on board as an official technology partner for the Aston Martin Valkyrie,” said Andy Palmer, president and CEO, Aston Martin. “ExxonMobil has the technical capabilities to provide the high-performance fuels and lubricants required to help power Valkyrie. We intend to provide our customers with the ultimate experience in performance driving and ExxonMobil will help us achieve this ambition.”


These models are factory filled with Mobil 1 engine oil;

  • DB9
  • DB9 Volante
  • DBS
  • DBS Volante
  • Virage
  • Virage Volante
  • Rapide
  • Valkyrie