To ‘Brocky’ fans, he will forever be remembered as the undisputed king of Australian motorsport. This cinematic-quality documentary claims to peel away the surface to reveal the profoundly human story behind the mighty icon that is Peter Brock.

The movie, Brock – Over The Top is being screened in a small number of select cinemas, as well as online streaming (from July 3rd, 2020). Affectionately known as ‘Peter Perfect’, this film brings together fascinating archival footage from his very early years, followed by those legendary nine Bathurst wins, right up to his tragic death in 2006 while contesting Targa West in Western Australia. It not only chronicles his extraordinary life; it also delves deep into the man inside the legend, with candid interviews from key characters in Brock’s life. Including Bev (his ex-wife), his brother Phil, along with notable racing identities such as; Craig Lowndes, Dick Johnson, Alan Moffat, Ian Tate and the voice of Aussie motorsport, Garry Wilkinson.

Record breaking, controversial, iconic, charismatic, personable, driven, engaging and bloody fast – Peter Brock was them all. And Brock: Over The Top has them all. Don’t miss it!

Brock: Over the Top will be released in Classic, Cameo, and Lido Cinemas, from June 22.

The film will be available on July 3 to rent-at-home through Foxtel, Fetch, Apple TV, Google Play, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox.