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Much of today’s engine and motor oil innovation is focused around emissions and fuel consumption. There are often targets set by governments that carmakers must achieve. In principal, modern day engines are being designed to produce more power using less capacity and fuel. This typically means a turbocharger is added to the mix.

Downsized and boosted – a revolution in engine design and Mobil 1™ is again at the forefront of creating formulations that help highly stressed engines cope with these new demands.

Experience counts when it comes to leading the way in synthetic lubricant technology through pioneering innovation.

 A great example of ExxonMobil innovation is the development of fuels and lubricants in conjunction with HONDA for the Red Bull Formula 1 race team. Extracting maximum power whilst keeping the engine reliable was a huge challenge for all involved. And those learnings flow down to our Mobil 1 products.