Mobil 1 - redbull racing Heroes 2022

Red Bull F1 Racing

Mobil 1™ is proud to be the official lubricant supplier and technical partner to 2021 World Champions, Oracle Red Bull Racing. In addition to supplying the F1 team with ground-breaking Mobil 1 racing oils, Mobil 1 also provides world-class engineering support throughout the season. Driver’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez depend on advanced Mobil 1 products to defend the title in the new-for-2022 RB18. A winning partnership built for the podium.


Mobil 1 and Red Bull Racing – a world beating partnership

As Red Bull Racing’s official lubricant partner, Mobil 1’s advanced products helped the Red Bull’s 2021 Honda power plant produce, reliable, World Championship winning performance. ExxonMobil’s Global Motorsport Technology Manager, Tomek Young commented, “ExxonMobil delivered a revolutionary new oil – that helped push the team forwards. Its benefits translated into the ability to run the engine across a wider range of operating conditions and not be wound back.”

David Tsurusaki, Motorsports Technology Manager added, “Mobil 1 protects the engine by reducing the friction between 300 moving parts, to ensure every component lasts as long as possible.”


The cutting-edge engineers at Mobil 1 are dedicated to delivering Oracle Red Bull Racing the same reliability, protection and winning performance for the 2022 season. The lessons learnt on the track are directly applied to the Mobil 1 oils being developed to protect the engine in your current car – as well as cars of the future.


F1 – a sport defined by extremes

Max Verstappen’s World Drivers Championship is a clear example of the advantages of being a technology partner – not just a brand sponsor. By working closely with Red Bull F1 and Honda, Mobil 1 were able to supply an engine lubricant that featured stronger interactions with its metal surfaces and lower friction, which delivered maximum power, outstanding protection and invaluable gains in fuel efficiency. In Formula One®, the drivers, the cars and especially the lubricants are all pushed to their absolute limits. It’s in these extremes, Mobil 1 shines the brightest.