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Red Bull F1 Racing

Mobil 1™ is proud to be the official lubricant partner to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. In addition to supplying the F1 team with Mobil 1™ racing oils, Mobil 1™ also provides world-class engineering support throughout the season. Driver’s Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon depend on advanced Mobil 1™ products as they chase the chequered flag in the updated 2020 RB16. It’s a partnership built for the podium.



A partnership built for the podium

As Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s official lubricant partner, Mobil 1’s advanced products support their high-powered RB16 race car, helping to enhance the hybrid turbo power unit’s performance.


“Every component needs to last as long as possible,” says David Tsurusaki, Motorsports Technology Manager, ExxonMobil. “Mobil 1 protects the engine by reducing the friction between 300 moving parts, cooling them so the engine can reach the higher temperatures needed at peak power. And if we do our job properly, we’re getting the maximum performance of that engine.”


The dedicated engineers at Mobil 1™ strive to protect Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s engine against the high temperatures reached at maximum performance. The lessons learnt on the track are directly applied to the Mobil 1™ oils being developed to protect the engine in your current car – as well as cars of the future.



F1 – a sport defined by extremes

Mobil 1™ oils are helping to make Aston Martin Red Bull Racing even faster, which will only further amplify the extremes at every race. In Formula One®, the drivers, cars and its Mobil 1™ lubricant oils are always pushed to their limits. It’s in these extremes Mobil 1™ shines the brightest.