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Mobil 1™ – Nissan’s first choice for GT-R, the most technically-advanced and most sophisticated production car they’ve ever built.




From the outset, Nissan’s goal for R35 GT-R was to build a multi-performance, world-class sports car capable of rivalling any European thoroughbred. “An ultimate supercar for anyone, anywhere, anytime,” was Nissan’s catchcry. When launched in 2007, the only production car in the world to better it’s time around the famous 20.8km Nordschleife (Nürburgring) was the limited-run, Porsche Carrara GT. Not to be outdone, the track focused NISMO N-Attack released in 2013 ran a blistering lap of 7:08.679 – making it the fastest, road-legal production vehicle around the track at the time.


As the most powerful production car ever built by Nissan – the R35 GT-R features true supercar performance. Stats for the four-wheel drive masterpiece, are awe inspiring; 0-100km/h in 3.3-seconds, (2.5-seconds for the limited, 441kW Nismo Edition), 1/4mile (400m) in just 11.3 seconds and a top speed of 315km/h.


In developing this landmark machine, Nissan left no technical stone unturned. This extends to its stunning 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6. With its plasma-sprayed bores, the GT-R’s VR38DETT represents the absolute cutting edge in engine technology. Nissan selected Mobil 1™ oil as the best partner to obtain and maintain its lofty performance levels. The superior performance of Mobil 1 was confirmed through exhaustive real-world performance and field tests conducted by Nissan. To this day, Mobil 1™ remains the factory-fill engine oil, and Nissan’s recommended oil for service fill.