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Mercedes-AMG’s was born from motor racing. Learn their history, manufacturing philosophy and why they demand Mobil 1™.


In the 1960s, two engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, began working on a racing engine that would become the start of Mercedes-AMG. During the next few decades, their custom-built engines excelled in motorsports, leading to a cooperation agreement with Daimler-Benz AG in 1990.

With power outputs from 269kW (360hp) to 477kW (639hp), their innovative vehicles and cutting-edge engines require the advanced synthetic lubricant technology of Mobil 1™. As the recommended oil for Mercedes-AMG, Mobil 1™ synthetic engine motor oil is also the factory-fill for several vehicles since 1992.


Extraordinary oils for extraordinary engines

Guided by a “one man, one engine” philosophy, Mercedes-AMG’s meticulous approach to manufacturing is extraordinary. To this day, every Mercedes-AMG engine is assembled by an AMG master engine builder.

Everything that Mercedes-AMG puts into their legendary vehicles is reflected in the level of technological excellence they demand from the lubricants they use. Trusting their hand-assembled, high-performance engines to Mobil 1™ advanced full synthetic motor oil was an easy decision.

Mobil 1™ offers a range engine oils suitable for the different series of cars, including petrol and diesel-powered variants.


These models are factory filled with Mobil 1 engine oil;

  • G 65
  • G 63
  • GLE 63
  • GLE 63 Coupé
  • GLS 63
  • S 65
  • S 65 Cabrio
  • S 65 Coupé
  • SL63
  • SL65
  • CLS 63
  • GLS 63 Shooting Brake