The competition has accused Red Bull F1 of having unfair advantage…

Given the PIONEERING INNOVATION and ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE of the revolutionary new RB16B Mobil 1 oil developed in collaboration with Honda – they might just be right…

“We have a new oil from ExxonMobil. So, I think they can take all the credit for the fact that Lewis keeps pointing at our engines.”

Christian Horner

Red Bull Team Principle

“A revolutionary new oil – that has helped push the team forwards.”

Tomek Young

ExxonMobil Global Motorsport Technology Manager

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“We have a new oil from ExxonMobil,” stated Red Bull Team Principal, Christian Horner. “So, I think they can take all the credit for the fact that Lewis keeps pointing at our engines. The engines are the same specification.”

This was the emphatic response to suggestions made by Mercedes F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, that Red Bull may have introduced illegal engine upgrades. This all stemmed from Red Bull’s clear performance advantage in the French, Styrian and Austrian Grand Prix.


Rather than just a sponsor, ExxonMobil is a technical partner with the Red Bull Formula 1 team. As their fuel (Esso) and lubricant (Mobil 1) partner, they’re able to work hand-in-hand with Honda to maximise the outright performance of the tightly homologated power plant.


ExxonMobil’s Global Motorsport Technology Manager, Tomek Young added, “ExxonMobil delivered a revolutionary new oil – that has helped push the team forwards. New components were incorporated as they were found to offer many benefits, including stronger interactions with metal surfaces and lower friction, helping deliver maximum power while offering protection and fuel efficiency. These benefits translate into an ability to run the engine across a wider range of operating conditions and not be wound back.”


In a demonstration of Mobil 1’s commitment to ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE, Young confided engineers had been working on these new components for eight years. However, the opportunity to collaborate directly with Honda and Red Bull has ramped up development, enabling ExxonMobil to bring the new additive package properly into play.


Oils are so much more than just viscosity – that’s only half the story. A lubricant’s additives package can represent up to 30% of the final product. These carefully selected and highly engineered components are part of every oil and ultimately define how they perform under various temperatures and pressures. It’s what separates Mobil 1 from ordinary oils.


While PIONEERING INNOVATION is a must to stay ahead in the incredibly competitive world of F1 – there are also real world benefits. Vehicle manufactures are continually striving to lower engine friction for improved fuel efficiency – while simultaneously extending engine life. Given the long history of Mobil 1 collaborating with manufacturers, there’s no doubt Mobil 1 road users will benefit from the same revolutionary advancements that have helped push Red Bull F1 to the front.


For Mobil 1, ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE and PIONEERING INNOVATION are much more than just tag lines – it’s in our DNA.